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Dec. 13th, 2009 | 03:47 pm

Hello everybody. I'm having a pretty boring day. I wish I could see my girlfriend today but I can't. I love when the sun shines. (: instead I have to listen to my brothers be gay. My girlfriends sister is anoying. I have a headace I'm gunna go now byee(:

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Jun. 8th, 2008 | 09:12 am
mood: calmcalm

Hmm...Just so everybody knows, I'll proballly be on here more..
I deleted a lot of my entry's because, they were old && I was tired of going back && looking at tha past...
So, I deleted most of them...
I kept tha important ones..
But, it's okay...
So, Everybody know's I'll probally update you more..
Well I'mma go and update you tomorrow or something after,
My baby's graduation!!!


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Jun. 8th, 2008 | 08:46 am
mood: anxiousanxious
music: Apologize =-)

Hello everybody;
Well, since Feb, my life is going pretty good. I've was going through a lot for a while but I listen to what everybody told me and that was too keep me head up, and hard as it was I did it. Granet I lost my baby for a month but you know what I got her back and it's gunna stay that way, It's just now she's going in tha army and it's gunna be hard on me so I don't know. But, yeah I love her &&  everything but if something happends to her out there I'mma go insane.  But, other than that life's great. I've got my wifey's graduation Tomorrow I'm happy. I'm just focusing on life at tha moment. I'm not trying to worry about everybody and there fucking drama you know? Yeah, Life's a bitch but sometimes you just have to get used to it seriously, I've been through a lot tha last few years and I've learned from every mistake and chose I've made. Yes if I look back it hurts because I realized how much I should've listened to tha people that told me tha truth and tried to help me through it and told me I was making tha wrong decisions. But you know what I was hard headed and didn't want too listen to anybody or anything anybody really had to say. Tha one person I really have to thank and that's been here through everything and forced me to keep my head up is my mother. Yeah I don't go to her with this whole girlfriend thing because she doesn't really like it and she's not used to it at all. But, in tha future I'm sure I'll be able to go to her. I'ts not her fault, when I came out to her and told her I was "gay" It's a lot for a mother to take in. Yeah, I made a mistake and hid it from her but , I was scared and didn't know what too do, I didn't know what to too her but it's okay now she's finally oppening up and I'm glad. But, if anyone is wondering how me and Zipporah are doing at tha moment we are great, better than ever && yeah that's tha first time I could ever say that whitch is sad, we used to fight all tha time but, we kinda aren't really fighting anymore we are working on it it's gunna get better I promsie. But, it's life and that's how we are gunna live it. So, yeah but, everything is okay for now, I've just been keeping my head up && leading myself to tha right decisions and not down tha wrong path! Yeah I'm a kid and I make a lot of back decisions but it's not my fault, I learn from them and that's all tha matters..Hmm..Tha big thing that's really going on in life is that it's summer and I've been slowly growing and making right decision and i'm doing good and tha moment and that's a good thing I'm finally paying attention in school and finishing school slowly, that's all that really matters, Is I get my education and become something in life like my "DAD" says..Damn it sucks when you don't wanna listen to them && they are completely right! But, that's all I'mma say now and for all you kids that are having trouble in life keep your head up You'll be okay I thought I was dieing but I survived and thought about something else and got my shit together and trust me it works...

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Feb. 10th, 2008 | 02:17 pm

Hmm.. So Today is going pretty well.. I guess I'm just in a pretty good mood.. =) Yesterday, I got to see my wife.. I was very sneaky.. haha =) But, I can't really see her anymore whitch kinda sucks.. Cus, I fucked that up just like I fuck evreything else upp.. I'm just like blah.. =) But, these's last few months weeks have been qute and adventure.. I've been with her for almost 4 months now and it's been great.. She's quite tha chick.. People gotta realize love is evreything.. being loved is interesting if you ask me.. I've learned a lot theses last few months.. and I give it all to my girlfriend.. she's been here for me sence I was lil but it's weird how I just all of a sudden become her girlfriend =)  I was so happy tha day she asked me to be her girl. =) You know how happy that made me now I can finally realize sombody really loves me and it's her.. I don't have to look up and ask god to send anybody back to me cus, she's tha one I've been waiting for.. .Zipporah your too sweet your tha best thing in my life right now.. It kinda sucks ass I can't see you anymore =) but, who cares.. I don't know what to do.. I've been trying and trying but, I can't help it I guess we are gunna have to see eatchother when I get older.. AHAH NEGITIVE that's funny it's what my parents want but there not gettng it.. =) I serously don't know what I'd do without you.. You make me soo happy evreyday is worth living because I have you by myside.. I live evreyday nowing I finally have sombody that cares and finally need to grow up and realize it.. Life's all about choices and making tha wrong ones and learning is a good thing.. But, not learning won't get your anywhere..
But. GUYS my life is great and couldn't be any better.



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Jan. 17th, 2008 | 12:49 pm
mood: sadsad

Daddy passed..
I miss him..
He was who brightened up my day..
Helped me thru life..
Told me right from wrong?
He never did anything wrong?
So, why'd you take him outta all guys??!?!!?
 I don't get it..
But daddy I miss you and I'll meet you at tha gates!!!



Your daughter and everybody misses you!!!

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